In the early years of the twenty-first Century, to combat the rising tide of unorthodox non-silliness in the world, the High Lords of Hormel gave Cardinal's DWoods and Zuel leave to go throughout the land, in a reign of violence, terror, and much silliness that makes a smashing great website. This was the SPAMISH INQUISITION.

    But this is not the time for leniency. No my friends, even now, Anti-SPAM sinners are poised to strike terror into the hearts of semi-decent men and women. We must be ever vigilant in our defense of our SPAM rights. SPAM haters of all kinds attack us daily and this battle between Pro-SPAM and Anti-SPAM would make a really great television show; only no one from the networks return my letters.

    In any case, the SPAMish Inquisition is at the forefront of this conflict. Fighting evil wherever it may lurk in all of it's ugly SPAM hating forms. Using such diverse elements as much silliness and cheapness, including, but not limited to fear, surprise, ruthless efficieny, and nice red uniforms. Ready to smash the dirty scum off the face of the earth. Mash the bastards, kick 'em in the knees where it hurts. Kill 'em all! I hate 'em! I hate 'em! I hate 'em! Dirty, filthy bastards! Aaaargh! Aaaargh!

    (off-site) Lunch is ready.


    We only do this because it's more fun to flick wet towels at people then to do anything really serious.

Concieved, Written, and Designed by DWoods and Zuel in a SpamSporks Ltd. Production.